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RADS (Research And Development Strategies) is a market research company with a very strong medical healthcare division.

About Us.

We are a specialist market research agency, helping International companies and brands make better decisions and profit through a deep understanding of their markets, people and culture.

Our expertise is in helping our clients create and track marketing performance of their products and helping brand owners to know how their customers feel about their products.

We have experience in recruiting respondents of all specifications to participate in all market research studies, for clients in all industry sectors.

Our Healthcare division helps our clients in Africa (Nigeria & Ghana) to collect information on prescription data, to select patient and physician populations for specific therapies, and to measure the effectiveness of pharmaceutical marketing. We have a very large panel of medical professionals who participate in on-line studies with us.

Such projects include:

  • Invitations to conferences and Continuing Education information

  • Updating our study panel on Scientific Articles
  • Sending of Books and Magazines
  • Sending New Product Registrations of the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Sending Product Information
  • Maintaining Contact
  • Market Research

Whilst we are updating our website, we are currently recruiting for our database as we already have incoming projects. If you register with us, we will notify you of your login details as soon as the website update is completed. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.