How to Join

How to Register

We adhere to the data protection laws, which means that any personal information provided by our participants will not be passed on to any third party. Upon registration, you will be allocated a unique reference number which will be your identity to any projects you participate in.

We will not require any personal information about the patients either. All we will require shall be general information such as ‘gender, age, height, weight, ethnic origin.’

However, please note that if you happen to attend a focus-group meeting, you will have to provide identification to prove that you are who you are. Our client cannot contact you directly without our consent.

As a ‘thank you’ for your participation in projects, we will send you a cash incentive in line with what we offer our United Kingdom participants.


Our clients have the right to confirm if our participants are genuine. In this instance, we will have to provide evidence that you are a genuine medical professional. This is due to due-diligence. We are currently recruiting for our database as we already have incoming projects.